How to perform a remote hiring steps you cannot forget

How to perform a remote hiring steps you cannot forget

In a technological universe, mobile devices and the internet are essential to narrow the routine of various branches. Want to understand better about this professional sport that is attracting fans from all over the world? Check out what distance work can offer the company and its employees, as well as all the information about remote hiring!

Understand what remote hiring is

There are certain configurations of distance work, so each company selects the one that best fits their daily lives and makes the most outstanding production results available to their employees. In this case, this employee is available to the company, but works at home remotely.

There are systems where the work is done this way, one or even three days a week, just as there are companies that already compute a number of servers operating only in their home offices.

However, in most situations, these employees need to go to the face-to-face meeting frequently. Similarly, there is also the making of video contacts through specific platforms (Skype, etc). It is an available technological mobility, capable of offering many benefits to all.

What types of home office employees can do?

There are certain employees who can work at home office or work remotely in various areas. Check out which are the main professional categories that fit this innovative medium:

Journalism and Writing

It is one of the first professions that joined remote work. There are still some professionals who need to be part of newsrooms and broadcasters as well. Other employees have always been free to stay in their own homes at the computer.

Like journalists, writers don’t have to be fixed somewhere to find inspiration for their writings, do they? The important thing is simply to have a quiet environment to focus on.

Proofreading and Translation

Similarly justified earlier, working remotely, the proofreader and translator need only a quiet place for their services.

It is valid to say that the reviewers, in addition to correcting written material, may also make changes in order to format the acceptable standard as the ABNT – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards.

Digital marketing

In this branch, responsible for forming the set of techniques in which remote work is possible, everything can be done without a specific physical space. This is because this Digital Marketing professional can choose for an e-commerce market, for example, and other alternatives available.


It is a profession that is innovating for remote work. It is not new, but it is conquering its space now in the technological world. This professional never needed much to be able to work. The computer, the internet and knowledge are the pillars of your service.

Rather, they needed business places to gain recognition and even authority. Currently, he can solve everything at home on his computer.

Developers and Designers

It is a profession that is considered as one of the most promising home office acceptance. Previously, they were employees who need to stay in business, fulfilling hours and submissives to the specific area of work.

Designers can develop their projects in the comfort of the home, where they find the inspiration to illustrate books, diagram, create and make specific designs for various services.

Psychology and Education

This is new to many. This professional can make the service in your own home, online, Skype connection and the like. It is still in the process of transition, but it has generated a lot of success out there. For those studying and in need of reinforcement, there are a range of virtual private teachers who do the job over the internet, no problem!

Digital entrepreneurs

Another dynamic profession that can be done remotely is that which corresponds to the digital entrepreneur.

It is valid to consider the growth of Brazilian e-commerce by up to 22% in the coming years, according to what scholars of the area expect. It is a trend that only increases.

What does the law say about remote hiring?

This is one of the problems of many business owners, but this can change with the right information. The legal terms of a remote contract exist and need to be addressed, even if they do not differ from the presential model and may present similar risks, the regulation does exist and has application.

Experts point out that the rules that were established in December 2011 make the prediction of labor rights equivalent to those of CLT – Consolidation of Labor Laws, for those who act remotely.

As an example, we can cite article 6 of the CLT that clarifies the non-existence of distinctions between remote work and the work of those who are within the company, as long as there are job relationships.

Thus, this work is recognized, but there are no specific laws for such a category of contract. The fact is that such an employee also has a guaranteed right in relation to his social security rights.

The worker must receive remuneration, vacation, plus a constitutional third plus, annotations, the collection of the guarantee fund – FGTS – and the thirteenth salary, as well as other forecasts.

Transportation assistance

One of the points that really change in relation to rights concerns transport aid. Employees do not have to travel to the business environment, so there is no need for this voucher, which becomes improperly characterized on dates when the server is in “home office”.

However, if you are traveling on a particular day of the week, the aid must be paid in proportion.

Work and company relationship

In this case, it is essential that the worker is characterized:

  • physical person;
  • that the work must always be performed by the same individual and without delegation;
  • subordination – always respond to the company and its superiors, taking orders;
  • the non-eventuality.

According to the Consolidation of Labor Laws, there is the establishment that, the computerized means of controlling, commanding and supervising, are equivalent for the purpose of legal subordination, in relation to the personal and direct environment of remote work.

What must be provided to the professional?

The company must make available the proper working condition, being also the responsibility of the company, the occupational health and safety rules.

In general, in relation to the system, the worker can receive computer, cell phone, the payment of the Internet monthly fee, and support to set up his office.

The case law is able to understand that all expenses arising from the service performed need to be reimbursed by the company environment, because the risks of the enterprise need to be supported by the entrepreneur.

How to follow a professional remotely?

There is a highlight, in relation to the means of technology, currently, which generate the permission that the company is connected, still at a distance, and the permanent control of work, as well as occasional accidents and expenses related to occupational diseases.

Through remote connection and specific programs, enterprises can track journeys, including break times for meals and breaks.

This surveillance can be performed through the computer, with specific computerized platforms to control access to the system, as well as virtual meeting, by applications and programs such as Skype.

Now that you understand how remote work works, it is best to select the employee who can best add to your business! Share your opinion with us!

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