HR Software: What You Need to Know Before You Acquire

HR Software: What You Need to Know Before You Acquire

HR and the professionals in this department handle many processes, all of which are very crucial in the company. And if there is something that can facilitate, organize and generate efficiency to these activities is HR software.

As much as recruitment, selection processes, onboarding and other people management actions appear to be done as well as possible, even in Excel spreadsheets, know that software can make all the difference.

Companies that hire human resources software ensure that professionals don’t waste time on repetitive processes and focus on what matters, not to mention the other benefits!

Want to understand how HR software can help you and how to choose the most reliable and best suited to the human resources challenges you are in?

Read on until the end because here we explain everything you need to know before choosing such a system.

How can HR software help a company?

“If we do everything without HR software, why do we need one now? It would complicate things. ”

Have you heard a manager or human resources colleague say this?

Next time you hear this, discuss with them all the real benefits of HR software:

  • Data organization, making it always accessible and easy to find. This means a candidate’s resume, selection process and onboarding information in one place;
  • Easier team work, since good cloud HR software (online) allows other people in the process to access the information if necessary;
  • Save time for HR professional, because many processes that are done manually and on a large scale, such as sending email to new steps can be done automatically by the system;
  • Creation and maintenance of HR processes, because with this technology there is the same way to track and manage activities;
  • Guarantees professional efficiency, Because good software is made to help the professional, keeps everything in the system and is still easy to use.

Still thinking about spreadsheets? Never!

Always think of software as a complement to your work, not as a competitor.

What does good human resources software have?

There are several types of HR software on the market to cater for large, medium or small businesses with hiring or employee management needs.

But in short, complete human resources software should have the following functions:

  • Management with artificial intelligence: This function always lists candidates according to the degree of affinity for the job and the company, as follows in the selection process. In addition, HR can send the area manager who is hiring approvals and track them through the software itself;
  • Job posting function: which allows opportunities to be published on several work channels simultaneously;
  • Full Reports: that inform subscribers, general data, all in charts and tables that can be downloaded in Excel. There is a general or vague report, which is great for validating the strategies being used by HR;
  • Video Interviews: This function allows candidates to be interviewed online and their material available with the other data they submit in the process. Thus, everything is in the same place for consultation and evaluation of the recruiter.
  • Digital admission: all first documents and first activities can be automatically sent according to vacancy;
  • Career Page: which allows any company to have the page where they advertise their “Work with Us”, talking about the company, the vacancies available and what it is like to work there;
  • Fit Cultural Analysis: whose test is calibrated by the company to always be used. Candidates who take the tests will be listed as highest cultural fit from Artificial Intelligence.

How to show the manager or decision maker that this HR software is a good acquisition for the company?

The first point is to be clear about the bottlenecks facing human resources to present this list to the company’s decision maker.

Another point is, if you have time, already select some software as an example so that it is more tangible for others to understand what you are suggesting to HR, what are the costs, what are the functions and what will it help.

Finally, also present how current bottlenecks would be remedied with HR software.

Criteria for deciding which HR management software is best

Some points may be helpful in deciding whether to deploy selective process management and hiring software:

Information Reliability: See if the system stores all data, how it is done, and what access levels are for those who use it.

Organized Data: What does the software dashboard look like? Does it bring you interesting numbers and graphics with insights for you? Evaluate whether the software you intend to purchase presents so that it adds to your routine.

Centralize Information: Check what functions the software you want to hire has to see what relevant information about resumes, candidates, and the process it brings together. Many software can do this separately, but nothing makes it faster than having it all in one software.

In addition, always validate with whom you will use daily which software is best.

We recommend Jobconvo’s: Just ask for a demo and see how it works.

Can I find free human resources software?

Most HR software on the market is not free.

Admittedly, there are some free apps for organizing one process or another, such as resume screening, but they always do just one activity.

So instead of looking for the lowest cost solutions, evaluate which processes HR software speeds up and how much you save in these hours. Also consider the arrival of new professionals, because without software such activity would take longer.

Finally, when choosing a human resources management system for the company, keep in mind that the implementation and the time it will take HR professionals to incorporate its use into routine will also be cost to the company.

So when you find a system that catches your eye, such as JobConvo, check what roles he has and how good for the team he is.

Some companies don’t know what it is like to live without all the benefits of using human resources software, while other organizations still have a little fear about the return such a tool can bring.

But believe me, companies that embrace this kind of technology become more productive, more agile, and have the most organized information. And, by hiring software that has functions that meet the needs of the business, the return is guaranteed!


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