What are the functions of the Human Resources Department

What are the functions of the Human Resources Department

The human resources area brings activities different from the functions of the personnel department.

If in the company where you operate both of these parts are confusing and have poorly distributed charges, this content will be very helpful in helping you organize the areas.

In summary, the personnel department is responsible for the administrative and financial functions related to employees. In other words: this is the bureaucratic part like payments and vacations.

Want to understand how you can organize functions in your company? Understand the functions of the personnel department in depth.

What is the structure of a personal department like?

In small businesses, one person is sufficient to serve this area. The role of DP, as the personal department is called, is usually fulfilled by those who have taken business administration or some similar course.

As the business grows, more people are needed to do the job. After all, it is necessary to notify people, explain to them how things work, when certain things may be requested and the like.

What are the functions of the personnel department?

The functions of the personnel department are those dealing with issues ranging from admission to dismissal of employees to keep all documents and other processes running smoothly.

Thus, one of the routine exercises of the personnel department is to register each of its employees, in accordance with the CLT, to ensure that the company is within the employment legislation.

It is also in its role to coordinate the contracts of legal entities providing services.

Other points such as schedules, follow-up of absences, vacation schedules and other management regarding payments are responsibilities of this area.

What are the differences between HR department and personnel department activities?

The HR department is responsible for attracting and managing the company’s people, talents, teams and culture.

HR creates and executes the selection processes, helps the company and its leaders plan vacancies, sees which candidates are the best. That is, HR is very strategic and is a business area.

HR also takes care of the organizational climate and aims to create good relationships between everyone in the company.

And it is because of so many important burdens that the HR industry needs to have its own software to gather the information of the selection and candidate processes.

The personal department is also essential and ensures that everything is done right financially: payments, vacation payments, bonus payments, managing benefit partnerships (such as meal vouchers and covenants).

It is the DP that notifies documentary issues, both admission, promotion and dismissal.

Tips for Increasing Staff Department Efficiency

There are many activities that can not contain errors, right?

Therefore technology must be in this management and to choose the best system it is recommended to first map the department’s activities such as:

  • processes, listing those that can be automated or not;
  • contract creation and management;
  • onboarding de contratados;
  • dismissal of employees;
  • point management;
  • benefit and covenant management.

To avoid such buildup and delay of tasks, you need to improve all the processes mentioned. 2 things that help in this regard are:


Goals are essential for the activities to be accomplished.

Enhancement of sector activities

Without DP a company can fall into labor lawsuits, something no one wants to go through. Therefore, the functions of the personnel department deserve recognition and collaboration from managers.

Differentiate the Human Resources area of the Personnel Department

Although the areas are clearly different and require professionals with different backgrounds and experiences, there are companies that mix both for lack of information and resources.

But while one focuses on employee well-being, productivity, motivation, and interpersonal relationships, the other, the Personnel Department, is entirely focused on administrative processes.

Companies that can differentiate these areas as soon as possible gain in efficiency and value both DP and HR. This is the best way to focus on what you do best.

And what about the relationship of the Personnel Department in the company you are in? Are there goals? Are functions clearly delimited?

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